Mountains Edge Schools

Homes for Sale Near Desert Oasis High School

Desert Oasis High School

Schools in Mountains Edge are part of the Clark County School District, one of the largest districts in the entire country. The Mountains Edge area is extremely popular with families of school age children. The parks are always full of toddlers and moms, and residents take full advantage of the hiking and historic trails that meander around the community.

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Schools serving the Mountains Edge area are:

Sierra Vista High School
8100 W Robindale Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89113-3700
(702) 799-6820
Homes for Sale in Sierra Vista School Zone

Desert Oasis High School
6600 W Erie Ave 89141
Las Vegas, NV 89141
(702) 799-6881
Homes for Sale in Desert Oasis School Zone

Lois & Jerry Tarkanian Middle Schools
5800 W Pyle Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89141
(702) 799-6801
Homes for Sale in Tarkanian School Zone

Wilbur and Theresa Faiss Middle School
9525 W Maule Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(702) 799-6850
Homes for Sale in Faiss School Zone

Lawrence and Heidi Canarelli Middle School
7808 S Torrey Pines Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89139
(702) 799-1340
Homes for Sale in Canarelli School Zone

Ries, Aldeane Comito Elementary School
9805 S Lindell Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89141
(702) 799-1240

William V Wright Elementary School
8425 Bob Fisk Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89178
(702) 799-5701

Carolyn Reedom Elementary School
10025 Rumrill St
Las Vegas, NV 89178
(702) 799-5702

To obtain a current list of properties for sale in the elementary school zones of Mountains Edge, please call 702-985-7654 or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will send them to you via email.

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